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Xaraya's new website goes live

[ Press Releases | Website Management | Xaraya ]

It's summer holidays in the northern hemisphere and a frosty winter in the southern parts, but neither has prevented the Xaraya Team from putting together a showcase of Xaraya features in their new website.
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Check your extension registrations

[ In The News | Development | Xaraya ]

The Release module has been revamped and is ready for your theme and module updates and registrations. There have also been some changes in extension registration. If you have an existing extension, wish to register one or want to know why you should register your extensions, please read on for more information.
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OSCOM.4 Request for Proposals

[ Events | Open Source ]

OSCOM.4 with ApacheTracks ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich, Switzerland Wednesday, Sept 29 - Friday, October 1, 2004
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Originally submitted to the Developer newsgroup.

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Xaraya Quickstart - Basic Configuration

An overview of basic elements of a new site configuration: Adminpanels, Base, Mail, Theme, Modules, Roles setup.

The Xaraya 1.0 Manifesto

This manifesto deals with the question: "Why should Xaraya have a 1.0? Why not just keep going and let everyone pick good milestones retrospectively?" There are several reasons to do a 1.0, enumerated below.
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Xaraya backward compatibility to PostNuke - a short review

Having recently spent some time porting PN modules to Xaraya, I thought I'd offer up some of the things I've come away with. PostNuke .7.1x compatibility is surely not a primary objective of the Xaraya project, but it is a declared goal to strive for, and a lot of progress has happened in the past few months.

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Blogging with Xaraya

An introduction to setting up blogging on your Xaraya site.

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Dreamweaver Extension for Xaraya Templates

So you've installed Xaraya and are ready to create your very own templates? Don't remember all the BlockLayout tags? Well, you're not alone. That's why I created the Macromedia Dreamweaver Extension for Xaraya. Install it via the Extension Manager and you'll be creating your Xaraya templates in no time at all.

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Roles Module: When is deleted really deleted?

One of the changes in functionality that Xaraya 0.9.9 brings is an enhanced delete functionality in the Roles module. In this brief article Marc Lutolf sketches out the new options.

Download: Xaraya Core & Extensions

Xaraya is available for download in various flavours. You can access the official release packages, module and theme extensions, language packs and instructions for access to development code from this page.

  1. Latest Releases
  2. Language Packs
  3. Extensions: modules and themes
  4. Latest development code


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Xaraya RFC Library

List of all current Xaraya RFCs with links to those RFCs. Superseded or redundant RFCS are listed, but no article link is provided.

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How do I set Meta Data

Is there a way to automate the process of setting Meta data, or can I set it directly in a template?

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Xaraya Dynamic Data Mini-HOWTO

Skribe <skribe@plug.linux.org.au>Version 0.3.  10th June, 2003


Xaraya Bug Tracking System

Xaraya uses BugZilla to track all bugs and feature requests. It is an open source tool developed by the Mozilla Foundation.This document will hopefully explain how we use BugZilla and what we expect of the various people involved in using the system.
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How to submit patches for Xaraya?

Learn how to submit patches to the development team for inclusion into the codebase, with or without bitkeeper, the versioning system used by the Xaraya team.
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